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Software Features

  1. User Friendly- The first and most attractive feature of the software is GUI ( Graphical User Interface). It is a product with high functionality and performance. The software is so easy to understand that a novice user can easily learn to use it in much less time and with much less efforts. The s/w is user friendly even for IT – illiterate people. It is quick and powerful in both functionality and reporting.

  2. Data Security- The software is designed and developed in most advanced programming languages such as .NET with a strong database server which ensures complete security of data. The data is completely protected from unauthorized access . It is protected no matter where it resides- in databases,applications or reports.

  3. Centralized Process - The software is a multi-state, multi-branches, multi-user with online centralized database. The software also has the feature of “multi-login” .It means that more than one instance of the s/w can be opened at the same time. In this software it is possible to take individual branches Balance Sheets, Day Book , P/L statements everyday.

  4. Flexibilty – Easy upgradation is one of the key feature of our software. The software can be easily customized according to the client’s requirements. Our software has been designed and developed in such a manner any changes can be easily done in it without affecting its speed and accuracy.

  5. Cost –Effective - Another important characteristic of this software is its low maintenance. The cost of developing and maintaining is too low as compared to the society softwares provided by other development companies.

  6. SMS Delivery - The software provides the facility of SMS delivery to the customers at each transaction whether it is the registration of a new membership/advisor or it may be opening of a new saving account or deposit/withdrawal in a saving a/c. It also delivers the sms whenever a new policy is entered or its renewal is done.

  7. Auto-Posting- "Posting" means entering the transaction into a software program and then saving the transaction so that the appropriate accounts are updated. Our society software has the feature of automatic posting of Business Data to accounts modules.

  8. Tested- The software has been vigourously tested by our team of experts before delivering it to the customers. Although, the software can be easily customized according to the client’s requirements.

SocietyBiz Module

Admin : An admin is a person who is responsible for the upkeep , configuration and reliable operation of the software.

Payroll management : Payroll is an integral part of an organization. SocietyBiz Payroll system takes care of calculation of salary as per the rules of the company.

Loan management : The Loan Module of SocietyBiz software includes Loan Application Sanction,Approval,Disbursal and Recovery features.

Reports : ocietyBiz software provides comprehensive,flexible and user-friendly reports which can be exported in different formats such as excel and PDF as desired.

Member & Share management : A new member can be registered.It can be either nominal or lifetime .Also the shares can be allotted to each member depending upon the company policy.

Bank A/Cs : On successful member registration , accounts can be opened in the society. It can be saving a/c,current a/c or gullak a/c.


The Best Credit Co-operative Society Features

1. Society Software - Scheme Management
Fixed Deposits Contributions Recurring Deposits Contributions
Monthly Income Scheme Contributions Daily Deposit Contributions
Weekly Deposit Scheme Contributions Saving Account Minimum Amount Condition.
Loan against Deposits. Scheme Wise Prematurity management.
Scheme Wise Ineterst Management. Branch Wise Contribution Schemes.
2. Society Software - Membership Management
Members Registration Members Registration Updations
Members List Report Members Photo, Signature Upload
Member Complete Summary Report Membership Application Entry
Approve Data Entry Approve Contributions
3. Society Software - Advisors & Collectors Management
Advisor & Collectors Registration Edit Advisors Registration
Advisor List Report Advisor List By Designation
Advisor Downline Advisor Upline
Commission Information scheme wise Member to Advisor Creation
Advisor Promotion History Advisor Promotion Date wise
Transfer Advisor Contributions Advisor Promotions (Manual, Auto)
Update Designation Direct Contributions
Direct Installment Down Line Contributions
Express Renewal Deposit Form Contributions Audit Trail Report
4. Society Software - Transactions
Fixed Deposit Contributions Recurring Deposit Contributions
MIS Contributions Certificate Contribution Certificate Printing
Daily Deposit Contribution Policy Approve Contributions before Printing
Installment Receipt Approve Installment Receipt before Printing
Advisors Field Expenses Reimbursement Pre Maturity Management
Extend FD Contributions Share Allotment Entries
5. Society Software - Payouts
Contributions Maturity Payment Advisor Incentive Payouts
Payout in Cash and Cheque both Maturity Paid Report
Advisor Wise Incentive Calculations Month Wise Incentive Calculations
MIS Contributions Monthly Payment Paid MIP Payment Report
6. Society Software - List Reports
Scheme List FD Contribution List
RD Contribution List MIS Contribution List
7. Society Software - Reporting Module
Due RD Installment Reminder RD Installment Report
Daily Collection Report Receipt Information
User Tracking Report Journal Report
Trial Balance Day Book
Audit Report User Feeding Report
8. Society Software - Print Module
Contribution Certificate Print Cash Receipt Print
Passbook Print Setup Passbook Reprint Setup
Statement Print Share Certificate Prinitng
9. Society Software - SMS Integration
Advisors Joining Welcome SMS Down line Wise Sms
New Contribution Policy SMS Scheme wise SMS
New RD Receipt wise SMS Installment Reminder SMS
Saving Account Opening SMS Birthday SMS
Loan Installment Reminder New Member Welcome SMS
OTP Generation SMS Saving Account Transaction SMS
10. Society Software - User Manager
Branch Master Change Self Password
State City Master Region Master
Create Users Designation Master
Designation Role  
11. Society Software - Saving Account Management
Saving Account Master Saving Account New Account
Saving Account Report Transaction Saving Account
Cheque Management Balance Information
Saving Account Statement Account Statement
12. Society Software - Simple Loan & Mortgage Loan Processing Module
Loan Master New Loan
Approve Loan Application Loan Installment
Loan Closing Details Loan Defaulter List
Due Loan Installment Reminder Loan Repayment Schedule
Loan Issue Cheque Loan Penalty Report
13. Society Software - Employees Salary Management Module
Position Master Employee Master
Salary Making Advance Management
Manual Increment Salary Report
Increment Report Leave Processing
Advance Payment Report Salary Processing
14. Society Software - Integrated Financial Accounting Module
Group Ledger Account Sub Group Accounts
Payment Voucher Journal Voucher
Receipt Voucher Voucher Report
Transfer to Profit And Loss Account Balance Sheet
15. Society Software - Members Share Management
Share Master Share Report
16. Society Software - User Access Control Security
User Permissions Role Master
Branch Wise User Permissions Role Permissions
Client Access Approval System Change User Password
17. Society Software - Manage Multiple Branch Operations
Lock Specific Branch Lock All Branches
Branch Complaints Handling Weekly Off
Branch Notice Board Scheduler Branch Master & Branch Permissions
Saving Account Statement Installment Deposit of Self Policy
Transfer Incentive to Saving Account Branch Wise Login Dashboard

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SocietyBiz ERP-Features

The first and most attractive feature of the software is GUI ( Graphical User Interface). It is a product with high functionality and performance.

SocietyBiz ERP - Modules

An admin is a person who is responsible for the upkeep , configuration and reliable operation of the software. The Admin module of societybiz software contains various features such as Branch master, create new branch/lock/unlock specific branch , User Master ,create user,set branchwise user permissions,computer access approval etc.


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